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But what is the reason to charge me for one or two days?Given the number and size of these bills, it is difficult to keep track of her paperwork, she said, and the council is quick to pursue tax owing.A spokesman for South Gloucestershire Council said: year the council made a decision to charge council tax on empty second homes.Tas vartu bt pdj daa no visa svtku, bet ir neatemama daa no konkrts situcijas. prakse atkal atdzvinja msdienu pasaul un atrast savu ceu uz msdienu vecums kzu un kristbu ceremonijs.Labk kzu Bombonieres Kzu Favor lodzios unNeaizstjama, ja neviens kzu favor kzu iet trkst. Tas nav gadjums, ka viesi justos slikti, bet tas ir kuvis par sava veida tradciju dot kzu Bombonieres bomboniere kastes.You process the world, but you are not the world. You are the vehicle, you are not the road. Even if your cat died, you still have to go backstage, drink a can of Coke, roll up your sleeves and recount your jokes to make people laugh.. 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